Blog :: 03-2016

Waterbury Vermont Early Spring Real Estate Update - Market Trends and Convention Recap!

Returning from the Century 21 Convention and sunny, warm Orlando was really tough.  I came home to drab, grey, drizzly weather - not good enough for biking, no snow left for skiing. Fortunately, I returned with an energized spirit and a great handle on the new technology available to us through the Century 21 Organization. It's absolutely amazing. I also attended some fabulous classes on how to provide the best listing presentation to our sellers and how to generate the most business using my tools in Zillow. There was a fabulous sit down, gourmet meal served to nearly 1600 REALTORS at the awards gala (see photos of us gals). Atronaut Mark Kelly gave an uplifting and motivational talk on his failures and successes in flight school, his first experience flying in Desert Storm, and his experience with the shooting of his wife Gabrielle Giffords. This convention always sends me home excited to get to work for you!


2016 Market Trends - A valuable tool from our partner, Zillow



The Ski Season in Vermont That Wasn't...and on to more interesting news...AWARDS!!!

This past month the Agents in my company were awarded the special CENTURY 21 Producer and Customer Service Awards. I am very pleased that many agents in my office received high level achievement and service awards and I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge each of them.  We are extremely excited to all be attending the CENTURY 21 Global Conference in Orlando, Florida from March 16-20. Temps should be in the 80's and we are pumped to get some beautiful weather and some great new tools and techniques to help our clients achieve their goals!


 Filomena Siner received the Quality Service Pinnacle Award and the Master's Ruby. 









 Tina Golon received the Quality Service Award and the Master's Emerald.











 Joanie Keating received the Quality Service Award. 








Lisa Meyer received the Quality Service Pinnacle Award and the Master's Diamond.












Samantha Etesse received the Quality Service Award.