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Late December Real Estate Update - The NEW Waterbury, Vermont Municipal Office Building - Almost Complete!

After 4 years, 4 months, and 20 days the Waterbury Municipal Offices will be moving to their new location on January 18th, 2016.  Think we are all excited?

The plan is to move the contents of the vault starting Wednesday January 13th.  This is expected to take 2 days, but they are leaving Friday open as a buffer.  The rest of the municipal office will move on Monday January 18th.  This is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and while the offices are usually open this day, they will close for the move.   If all goes smoothly (please keep your fingers crossed), they will be open for business on Tuesday January 19th.   The Town Clerk's office will be open in their current location during the vault move, with very limited access to records (ACS Land records system only - 13 years of index and 10 years of scanned images).

Waterbury thanks everyone for their patience over these past 1,603 days that the offices have been in their temporary location.  It will certainly be great to have the records under one roof!

Please click here to read more information on the move. Photo credit: Gordon Miller

Vermont Real Estate Update December 2015 - The New World of Designated Agency!!

The Vermont Real Estate Commission new Designated and Non-Designated Agency rules are now in effect. The rules eliminate limited agency and allows brokerage firms to adopt designated agency. The changes allow one or more licensees to be designated as agents for a seller or buyer, rather than the current practice of all licensees within a brokerage firm owing fiduciary duty to the principal. It is important to note that designated agency is a choice, allowing brokerage firms to make no change and continue with the current agency model that is in place.

My company, Century 21 Jack Associates, is going to continue practicing non-designated agency for the meantime. This means that ALL of the agents in Century 21 Jack Associates represent ALL of our seller and buyer clients. We do not have the option to represent buyers in the same transaction we are representing the seller in. We are going to make a move to Designated Agency sometime in the near future, but we need to be sure all of our agents are well trained in the new policy, and understand exactly what their role is and how they must operate under the new rules. 

Click here to view the new Vermont Real Estate Commission's Mandatory Consumer Information Disclosure that will be used by Non-Designated Agency Real Estate Firms.

Click here to view the new Vermont Real Estate Commission's Mandatory Consumer Information disclosure that will be used by Designated Agency Real Estate firms. 


As the Chairman of the Vermont Realtors Forms Committee, it has been my pleasure working with our attorney and the members of my committee to develop the new forms for our use. The forms were made available to our members for the first time yesterday. 

Central Vermont, Washington County Real Estate Update for Fall 2015

With the arrival of stick season, and the departure of the foliage traffic, I am really enjoying the serenity of this season. I must say, it's one of my favorites. Skiing hasn't started yet, mountain biking is slowing down, and HOCKEY is going full blast! I'm now playing with my Waterbury Wicked again on Sunday nights and so far we've had a few really good scrimages with some new skilled players joining us. We are already looking forward to the Face Off Against Breast Cancer Hockey Tournament coming up in January of 2016. You will be sure to hear more from me later on that...


In the meantime, I have a gorgeous new land listing of 10.4 acres high up in the hills of Waterbury Center on Ring Road. The lot has been partially cleared, has underground utilities, driveway is in, and the leach field is already installed. I took this picture last evenng just as the sun was beginning to go down. It's a stunning spot, even more so now that the leaves are mostly down. It's also priced well at $185,000 compared to the other lots currently on the market and much of the work is already completed. 

Early Fall (really?) Real Estate Update for Washington County, Vermont

I have a distinct fear that the seasons are actually shifting before our eyes...everything is about one month later than it used to be. We are NOW in full summer, fall will be late, winter doesn't even happen until January, and spring is in June. It's crazy climate change and global warming and certainly a tough adjustment for many of us. However, we must move on and hope that the leaf peepers aren't too disappointed with needing to return to Vermont in November. Hey, maybe it will make for a stronger than normal "Stick Season"!

I have a few listings that I want to remind you of and provide a few updates. First of all, my listing on Route 100 in Duxbury, which just so happens to be within walking distance of Waterbury Village, is still available, is the best value out there, and with a decent offer, the seller will replace the carpeting! 








My listing on Dowsville Road is going to be looking even more fantastic with foliage in an couple of weeks, so contact me and please come take a look!









Lastly, I would like to tell you again about a listing in Duxbury on Spruce Street, just off of Crosset Hill Road, that has just had a substantial price reduction. This custom built home is over 4500 square feet and is in need of your TLC to finish it up. Sellers are extremely motivated and will consider any offers. 

Happy Fall!!

August 2015 Waterbury, Vermont Real Estate Update, all about Montpelier!

I love Montpelier. It's such a cool town with such cool people. I love the idea that you can live there and visit absolutely everything on foot. I would be walking to my knitting store, Yarn, every day. I would sit and knit with my friends there and find new and interesting patterns and yarns to get lost in. Then, I would visit my friends at Onion River Sports and see what's new in the biking and outdoor gear world. Next, on to Three Penny Taproom for some interesting and unique food and drink. 

I have a new listing at 132 Hill Street in Montpelier which I would like to to tell you about. This is such a perfect house for knitting because of the lovely back deck overlooking the terraced gardens and the river. For a downtown Montpelier home, this has a very large and private yard. It also has 3 levels of living space and is full of old world charm and character, including beautiful hardwood floors and other natural woodwork. The kitchen is bright and spacious and has an inviting, warm feel. The sellers have recenting invested in some extensive foundation work that was needed to get this home back into tip top shape. It's done and is ready for you too see! Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to to take a look. I would love to show it to you!

Late Summer 2015 Real Estate Update and Market Report

I think you will find the latest Washington County statistics very interesting...

Of special note is the increase in listings of 11.3% year to date on single family residential dwellings, and closed sales up almost 30%. Wooo hooo! This is incredible but I'm not surprised because I had the busiest spring I have ever had in my 15 years of selling real estate. The average sales price is up as well and the days on market are down. All good and very encouraging news. We are really trending in the right direction. 

It's a little calmer now, but that's just because I chose to take some time off to do some biking up at the Kingdom Trails and spend some time with my family. Today is my first day back in the office and I have already been slammed. So, here we go again!! I'm not complaining! 

I also want to put in a plug for my new listing in Duxbury on Dowsville Road. This is a really interesting home with an entirely separate building that is great for family and friends. Do you have elderly parents or a teenager who lives with you? There is a detached cottage with water, heat and septic which is perfect for that situation. There is a full kitchen, two bedrooms, a great shed for parking vehicles and toys, and very pretty hardwood floors. The main house is newer and more modern in style, and features a fireplace, hardwood flooring, three bedrooms and two baths. Please check it out and feel free to share the information.


A Duxbury Blog - Everything you could want to know!

My friend and client has developed this really cool website about Duxbury. Duxbury tends to be a little forgotten about, as it's in between the larger areas of Waterbury and the Mad River Valley, but because of it's proximity to both it's really an excellent option. As a matter of fact, I have five listings in Duxbury right now! One of them is under contract contract (just one week after listing it). Pease be sure to check them out on my website and share, share share. I have new photos of my listing at the top of Dowsville Road and a new price. It's really spectacular, and the perennials are in full bloom. I would love to show it to you! Click here to view all of my active Duxbury listings and please, if you have any questions at all I would be happy to answer them. I hope you are all enjoying your summer so far! 


Central Vermont Real Estate Update - Change to Property Transfer Tax! Please Read!

Important notice: Please read the report below provided by the Vermont Department of Taxes:

For closings on or after June 17, 2015, there is a Clean Water surcharge* of 0.2% on the value of property subject to the property transfer tax. 32 V.S.A. § 9602a. Revenue generated by the surcharge is deposited in the Clean Water Fund. The surcharge is on the value of the property where the 1.25% rate currently applies, with one exception (see example 2 on next page). When combined, the property transfer tax rate and the surcharge will total 1.45%. The Department of Taxes has issued a new fillable updated property transfer tax return (Form PT-172) that incorporates the Clean Water surcharge. The electronic property transfer tax return filing system (ePTTR) has also been updated. 

Both are available on our website at All property transfers made on or after June 17 must use the new form and pay the surcharge, if applicable. Transferees that fail to pay the correct amount of property transfer tax or the surcharge may be subject to further billing with penalties and interest.


Waterbury, Vermont Real Estate Update, Market News and Legislative Update - June

Sorry, too busy to Blog!

Our great winter came to a quick end, and it seemed to me (and many others) that we skipped over spring and went right to summer. But the weather has returned to somewhat normal and I've made the transition from skiing to biking. There are some great new trails up in Stowe, and this week I was able to piggy-back a visit to Kingdom Trails onto a work meeting up in Newport. Closer to home, the Waterbury Reservoir opened for the season Memorial Day weekend and I'm looking forward to my first paddle!

And speaking of my office, we have had an extremely busy spring - 18 transaction sides closed in May alone. It seems that sellers are now willing to price their homes closer to market value, while buyers are aware that the era of low mortgage rates may be coming to a close. We are in great need of listings in the $200,000 - $300,000 price range. First time homebuyers are also realizing that the cost of owning could be even less than the cost of renting! 

Three items to note regarding this year's legislative session:

The new Lake Champlain cleanup program is being funded by a tax on property transfers. The rate for transfers over $100k is increasing from 1.25% to 1.4%. This will start in August.

There is a new tax credit for qualifying first-time homeowners to allow them to finance downpayments and closing costs. The program is being overseen by the Vermont Housing Finance Agency.

Finally, while there were measures taken to begin to address the rising cost of education, agreement on a comprehensive property tax reform package was not possible in this session. It's very likely that discussion will begin again next year.


Waterbury, Vermont Real Estate Update March 2015

Skiing...Silly Dress-up Day! 

The calendar might say spring but the thermometer disagrees, and that is good news for us skiers. Last Friday was one of the seasons best days as far as I'm concerned, and with the amount of snow in the mountains and the below average temperatures there should be many more great ones to come. My home mountain Sugarbush,  is offering a spring pass special that is worth checking out.

Legislative Update 

Meanwhile in Montpelier the legislature continues its debate on how to address the state budget deficit and the state property tax. The House has passed a budget and proposed reforms for the education system, as well as a Lake Champlain cleanup bill. Still too early to predict what the final outcomes will be.

Awards Dinner

On Saturday March 20 our company, C21 Jack Associates, had our annual banquet and award dinner. I was proud that my team received numerous honors, including two of us earning the Pinnacle Quality Service award for exceptional customer service as determined by our customers via a survey.