Blog :: 10-2014

Waterbury, Vermont Real Estate Update - August Indicators

Fall 4Hello from gorgeous Waterbury Center, where the colors are peaking and the sun is shining! Please keep in mind the listings that I have which really take advantage of those amazing fall colors. Shaw Mansionin Waterbury Center is available now for $294,500 and my new listing on Dowsville Road in Duxbury (see photo to the left) has some new fall photos posted. Phelps Road in Barre Town is facing West and has a direct shot of Camel's Hump.

The Vermont Realtors Association is now providing us with a very interesting research tool allowing us to view detailed information of monthly market statistics. As the trend around the rest of the country seems to be experiencing an improvement in the real estate market, Vermont is behind in the recovery, as it often is. However, we will catch up, as we always do!

Please click here to view the August statistics statewide.

Please click here to view the August statistics for Washington County.

There has been recent news that the Waterbury Center State Park is in jeopardy. I can't imagine what that would do to the enjoyment of our summers here. Please join me at an information meeting on October 6th at 6:30 at Thatcher Brook Primary School sponsored by Friends of the Waterbury Reservoir. Check out the website for further information.

VTrans No Cell Phones A friendly reminder: NO CELL PHONE USE WHILE DRIVING PLEASE!!!!!!!