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A Tough Home Inspection

imagesRecently I attended a home inspection with a buyer client that didn't turn out so well. I can remember only a handful of times in the past 12 years that I have felt it necessary to suggest that my client not purchase the home, even prior to the inspection being finished. Yes, it was that bad. We walked outside (to get a breath of fresh air) and both concluded that this home purchase wasn't going to move forward. Sometimes the issues can be obvious and you may feel a bit prepared, but this time the main issue needed serious investigating by the inspector and the results were not good. Every time we entered the home, we could feel that the house was extremely humid. We weren't sure if it wasn't vented well, if it was just the dog odor, or what was going on. I can say that after an hour and a half in the house, we were all suffering from a severe headache. What was discovered was significant mold in the attic area caused by excessive moisture wicking up from underneath the house. A good home inspector was invaluable in this case and my client is able to move on to continue his search. This event speaks to the importance of representation by a Realtor(I wonder if the seller was represented and had a building inspection?) and the importance of a good home inspection. I recommend one in every transaction in which I am involved. It truly is important.

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