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Central Vermont Real Estate Update - From our Intern

(Another posting from our Intern, Katie Johnson...not sure what we're going to do without her!!)

As quickly as July arrived, July also seems to be leaving quickly and August is rapidly approaching. This month (like last month) has been filled with an array of activities and learning new skills. Before my internship, I didnt realize the amount of different (and varying) skills being a Realtorrequires. I dont think that there was any way that I would have known this until I spent time seeing how Realtors work. Realtors need to have good people skills, be able to read people, be able to effectively communicate, be organized, be able to take photographs, do research, be knowledgeable about houses, be knowledgeable about the market, be technologically savvy, be able to write, be able to advertise, be able to market, the list goes on and on. I have been given the opportunity to not only learn, but to try and apply these different skills. For example I helped take pictures of a few different properties in Waterbury. I have never really dappled with the art of photography, I have never taken a class and really have only used my iPhone or a point and shoot camera, and I would say that all in all I really do not know much about photography. However, despite my lack of expertise, I followed the tips that I was given and was able to take pictures of properties that looked really good. It was really satisfying to see myself picking up on this new skill and to find success with it. I really appreciate all of the help that all of the Realtors in the office have given me because they have made learning these skills possible.

Everyone in the office has been quite busy this month with closings, showings, listing appointments, open houses, inspections and the like. As an office, we went and checked out Lisas listing at 136 Hayes Road in Duxbury (Link to Hayes Road). This property was just perfect. Upon driving up the driveway you are in this beautiful wooded area and you can hear the brook and the birds chirping and you can just envision yourself out on the porch enjoying the day. There is a sugar shack right on the property as well. The home itself is bright, clean, and warm.

Lisa also has two other really great properties in Duxbury. The first one is 246 Spruce Street. (Link to 246 Spruce Street) This house has exquisite stone work on both the interior and exterior of the home. The home features three bedrooms and three baths and is a really beautiful property! The second property is 651 Wescott Road, (Link to Wescott Road). This property is a three bedroom, three bathroom, one of a kind property; it features state of the art eco-friendly living. Along with these impressive features there is fabulous access to outdoor amenities such as nearby brooks, walking trails, and views.

This month I have been stunned by how beautiful so many Vermont properties are. I have seen so many hidden areas of Vermont that I would never have known were there. This is one of the many aspects of my internship that I have really enjoyed! As August arrives, I look forward to continuing to learn from the wonderful women at Century 21 Jack Associates in Waterbury!


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