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Waterbury, Vermont Real Estate Update

From our extremely helpful and enthusiastic intern, Katie Johnson:

If I had a quarter for every time that I heard someone say the Internet is a great tool Id be living in a beautiful beachfront home collecting shells and building sand castles. I dont get a quarter for every time I hear that but I can say that everyone is right when they say, the internet is a great tool. I utilized this great tool before beginning my internship at Century 21 Jack Associates. I googled things such as what does a real estate agent do, personality traits of real estate agents do real estate agents get benefits. I then googled Century 21 Jack Associates Waterbury VT and from there I carefully combed through the website, I looked at the pictures and read the biographies of the people who I would be working with this summer. I already knew Lisa, she is a family friend and I had met with her this winter about interning this summer. I also knew Filomena from school and soccer and that sort of thing. Tina, Joanie, Kathy, and Nannette were all mysteries to me. Looking back to a few weeks ago when I was closely looking at the pictures and biographies of the Waterbury Century 21 Jack Associates group, I could never have anticipated what a dynamic group of people I would be interning with this summer. They instantly welcomed me into their office and made me feel like I was one of them. Each one is very much their own person and teaches me about real estate and being a real estate agent in their own way. Lisas knowledge of real estate is immense, and she is so organized and creative with all of the things that she does. Lisa is a fabulous leader and also is very funny, and sees the humor in things. Filomena is so kind and compassionate, and these qualities really shine through when working with clients, and anyone, really. Joanie is quirky and warm and is always first to lend a hand. She also is so friendly that she seems to have this little gremlin that lives in her computer and changes things around. Kathy has a knack for understanding, translating, and answering the most obscure questions, you could be speaking in both ubbi- dubbi language and a foreign language and be asking her about a lemon square recipe and without missing a beat shes able to answer your question. Tina is engaging and quick to share valuable information. (Tina is also quick to share her delicious candy treats, namely mint M&Ms and Reeses). Nanette is very calm and has such a breadth of knowledge on all sorts of different topics; a true Jack-of-all-trades.

Along with getting to know this awesome group of people, I have been to some really cool properties. The first week of my internship, Lisa and I went to 5 Belding Road (Link to 5 Belding Road ). This property is truly a stunning example of a Vermont home; we took pictures and walked the land to the private pond. The house not only had a pond but also an unbelievable view of Dix Reservoir and lush green rolling hills. The home is beautiful too and has a lot of character including the tiny hedgehog paintings hidden throughout the house.

As well as visiting properties I have been to showings, appraisals, previews and a caravan. When Lisa asked me if I wanted to go on the caravan, I said yes though to be honest I wasnt sure exactly what I had agreed to. I mean I had an idea of what it might entail but not that it was quite literally a caravan of 20 people. The day of the caravan was 1. Very rainy & cold and 2. A whirlwind of properties and people. Everyone that I met was very kind and interested in who I am and how I liked real estate so far. It is really cool to see such a strong network all come together to help each other and to learn from each other.

I am thoroughly enjoying my internship. I am so grateful for this opportunity and to learn and work with such a fabulous, intelligent, compassionate, and funny group of women. I am looking forward to all of the things to come, and hopefully by the end of the summer (I am crossing my fingers!!) we can find that gremlin that likes to hangout in Joanies computer.

Katie Johnson

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