Summer Finally! - Newest listing in Middlesex and some helpful real estate info...

Hello Everyone! Thanks, as always, for visiting my blog. Today my main focus is on my newest listing in Middlesex. Please click here to get all of the helpful details, and to view additional photos and the virtual tour. This is a beautiful piece of property, and actually abutts Senator Patrick Leahy's land! This photo is of the two car garage, which has a lovely little two bedroom apartment with separate entrance. Check out the additional photos and get hooked...

Following that, I would like to share a neat little newsletter with you about how owning a home is one of the best decisions you will ever make! And I am happy to help you accomplish that!


National Association of REALTORS Mid-year Legislative Conference Wrap Up - May 2016

After a few fits and starts, spring has arrived and summer is right around the corner.

I recently spent a few days in Washington, D.C. to attend the National Association of REALTORS Mid-year Legislative Conference. As part of this visit, my colleagues at Vermont REALTORS and I were invited to visit the offices of our congressional delegation. We were warmly welcomed by Senator Leahy and Congressman Welch. We also met with Senator Sanders'...I mean Bernie's staff, as he was in Guam! 

NAR continues to work at the national level to facilitate home ownership for all. Please click here to view the top four initiatives NAR is working diligently on to protect the rights of property owners across the nation. 

Aside from the convention activities, I also managed get in some sightseeing, including a visit to the Holocaust Museum. It's an emotional experience but one I recommend.

I returned to Vermont and got back to a busy spring season. Please click here for the April market statistics. As you can see, the inventory is way down over April of 2015, and pending sales are way up. We are ACTIVELY loooking for new listings, especially in the $300,000 to $400,000 price range. Almost everything in Waterbury in that price point is now under deposit. Call me if you're thinking of listing and I look forward to hearing from you!


May 2016 - Considering going "FOR SALE BY OWNER"? Read this important report!

Happy May 4th everyone!


I have recently spoken with a few different sellers who are considering trying to sell their home on their own. You may have heard of this as a "FSBO", or a "For Sale By Owner" or have seem the publications called Picket Fence Preview or seen other do it yourself types of websites. You may also see homes listed by owner on Craigslist or on Front Page Forum. For many, many reasons, it is terribly important that you speak with a professional. The bottom line is that a REALTOR can provide you with priceless information and get your property closed with a MUCH higher liklihood of success and with more money in your pocket. Beware of the myths you will see floating around the internet. Just because you read it does not mean it's true!


This report spells it out well and as always, I am more than happy to speak with you in person, no obligation of course!



Greatest Waterbury listing to hit the market in a long time! Spring Real Estate Update April, 2016


1198 Perry Hill Road is truly an exceptional property in every way and I am so excited to share it with you. Not only is it in WATERBURY, but it is on a paved road only 1.2 miles outside of town. Once you enter the driveway and approach the house, you will realize you never knew this property existed. Not only are the views just ourageous and the house gorgeous, but there is a section of the land that has already been subdivided (with a waste water permit and a septic design) for you to build again in the future, or sell. This adds a tremendous amount of value to the property. The entire parcel is 13.5 acres. It is located at 1198 Perry Hill Road and please click here to view the virtual tour. Honestly, no matter how many photos I take, they just don't do the view justice. You MUST come see this on your own to believe it!  

Waterbury Vermont Early Spring Real Estate Update - Market Trends and Convention Recap!

Returning from the Century 21 Convention and sunny, warm Orlando was really tough.  I came home to drab, grey, drizzly weather - not good enough for biking, no snow left for skiing. Fortunately, I returned with an energized spirit and a great handle on the new technology available to us through the Century 21 Organization. It's absolutely amazing. I also attended some fabulous classes on how to provide the best listing presentation to our sellers and how to generate the most business using my tools in Zillow. There was a fabulous sit down, gourmet meal served to nearly 1600 REALTORS at the awards gala (see photos of us gals). Atronaut Mark Kelly gave an uplifting and motivational talk on his failures and successes in flight school, his first experience flying in Desert Storm, and his experience with the shooting of his wife Gabrielle Giffords. This convention always sends me home excited to get to work for you!


2016 Market Trends - A valuable tool from our partner, Zillow



The Ski Season in Vermont That Wasn't...and on to more interesting news...AWARDS!!!

This past month the Agents in my company were awarded the special CENTURY 21 Producer and Customer Service Awards. I am very pleased that many agents in my office received high level achievement and service awards and I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge each of them.  We are extremely excited to all be attending the CENTURY 21 Global Conference in Orlando, Florida from March 16-20. Temps should be in the 80's and we are pumped to get some beautiful weather and some great new tools and techniques to help our clients achieve their goals!


 Filomena Siner received the Quality Service Pinnacle Award and the Master's Ruby. 









 Tina Golon received the Quality Service Award and the Master's Emerald.











 Joanie Keating received the Quality Service Award. 








Lisa Meyer received the Quality Service Pinnacle Award and the Master's Diamond.












Samantha Etesse received the Quality Service Award. 











Waterbury, Vermont Real Estate Update - Year end Market report for 2015

Vermont Realtors® has released its 2015 Annual Market Report. This report, compiled for VR members, provides an overview of 2015 residential real estate activity in the state of Vermont. Overall, the report is strong. We see an increase in overall sales, a decrease in inventory, and a slight decrease in days on market. The prices have remained virtually flat. The activity this year has begun strong in our market. We are in great need for new listings in the $250,000 - $400,000 price range. Please click here to view the annual report

I also wanted to showcase my listing in Pinnacle Ridge Estates. If you're looking for an executive home in a superb location please contact me to take a look. I would be happy to set up a private showing for you. 




Late December Real Estate Update - The NEW Waterbury, Vermont Municipal Office Building - Almost Complete!

After 4 years, 4 months, and 20 days the Waterbury Municipal Offices will be moving to their new location on January 18th, 2016.  Think we are all excited?

The plan is to move the contents of the vault starting Wednesday January 13th.  This is expected to take 2 days, but they are leaving Friday open as a buffer.  The rest of the municipal office will move on Monday January 18th.  This is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and while the offices are usually open this day, they will close for the move.   If all goes smoothly (please keep your fingers crossed), they will be open for business on Tuesday January 19th.   The Town Clerk's office will be open in their current location during the vault move, with very limited access to records (ACS Land records system only - 13 years of index and 10 years of scanned images).

Waterbury thanks everyone for their patience over these past 1,603 days that the offices have been in their temporary location.  It will certainly be great to have the records under one roof!

Please click here to read more information on the move. Photo credit: Gordon Miller

Vermont Real Estate Update December 2015 - The New World of Designated Agency!!

The Vermont Real Estate Commission new Designated and Non-Designated Agency rules are now in effect. The rules eliminate limited agency and allows brokerage firms to adopt designated agency. The changes allow one or more licensees to be designated as agents for a seller or buyer, rather than the current practice of all licensees within a brokerage firm owing fiduciary duty to the principal. It is important to note that designated agency is a choice, allowing brokerage firms to make no change and continue with the current agency model that is in place.

My company, Century 21 Jack Associates, is going to continue practicing non-designated agency for the meantime. This means that ALL of the agents in Century 21 Jack Associates represent ALL of our seller and buyer clients. We do not have the option to represent buyers in the same transaction we are representing the seller in. We are going to make a move to Designated Agency sometime in the near future, but we need to be sure all of our agents are well trained in the new policy, and understand exactly what their role is and how they must operate under the new rules. 

Click here to view the new Vermont Real Estate Commission's Mandatory Consumer Information Disclosure that will be used by Non-Designated Agency Real Estate Firms.

Click here to view the new Vermont Real Estate Commission's Mandatory Consumer Information disclosure that will be used by Designated Agency Real Estate firms. 


As the Chairman of the Vermont Realtors Forms Committee, it has been my pleasure working with our attorney and the members of my committee to develop the new forms for our use. The forms were made available to our members for the first time yesterday. 

Central Vermont, Washington County Real Estate Update for Fall 2015

With the arrival of stick season, and the departure of the foliage traffic, I am really enjoying the serenity of this season. I must say, it's one of my favorites. Skiing hasn't started yet, mountain biking is slowing down, and HOCKEY is going full blast! I'm now playing with my Waterbury Wicked again on Sunday nights and so far we've had a few really good scrimages with some new skilled players joining us. We are already looking forward to the Face Off Against Breast Cancer Hockey Tournament coming up in January of 2016. You will be sure to hear more from me later on that...


In the meantime, I have a gorgeous new land listing of 10.4 acres high up in the hills of Waterbury Center on Ring Road. The lot has been partially cleared, has underground utilities, driveway is in, and the leach field is already installed. I took this picture last evenng just as the sun was beginning to go down. It's a stunning spot, even more so now that the leaves are mostly down. It's also priced well at $185,000 compared to the other lots currently on the market and much of the work is already completed.